La civetta sul comò

The Tenuta Montemagno restaurant sits atop the hill that gives its name to the Tenuta, whose original building dates back to the 16th century. You are in the heart of the Monferrato region, a land of great historical importance for Piedmont and Italy and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an enchanting, special place, ideal for growing grape vines: it lies along the 45th parallel, a latitude that is particularly suited to this type of agriculture, and it is here that the Tenuta’s cuisine comes into its own.

The restaurant takes its inspiration from Monferrato and Piedmont, but it explores way beyond the surrounding hillsides, in pursuit of recipes that can bring out the best of the traditional local produce and the exquisite quality of the raw ingredients.

So it revisits and reinterprets traditional cuisine with contemporary flair, making even the most traditional Piedmontese dishes light, or creating elegant menus for weddings with the nearby sea.

It serves a cuisine that is not afraid to experiment, looking for the most sublime ingredients by taking note of what is in season and sourcing the best produce available at the market and from the Tenuta’s garden.

Whether the dishes are fresh or strongly flavoured, light or elaborate, there’s the ideal wine to pair with everything. The wine list includes all the wines made by Tenuta Montemagno and is perfect for creating different pairings with the various dishes to make the gourmet experience provided by the chef and our maître d’ even more special. A superb, “in-house” wine list.